Dr. Galliano is Baton Rouge’s best TMJ Specialist

January 21st, 2019

If you are having problems with TMJ, your quality of life can be greatly improved by making an appointment with Dr. Galliano. He and his team have great reputations throughout the Baton Rouge area due to excellent service and prioritizing the comfort of the patient. TMJ is something that has been studied for a long time and the procedures are something you can be comfortable with. The confidence of the team will have your situation improving in no time.

What are causes and symptoms of TMJ?

Some of the symptoms of TMJ include persistent headaches and earaches, your jaw muscles feeling dull and tender or pain affecting your entire face. To dial it in a little bit more, often you jaw will click to one side when you are opening your mouth. If these are things you have experienced, the best idea is to head to Dr. Galliano’s office and have an examination done to see if TMJ is what is inflicting you. TMJ technically stands for temporomandibular joint, which is what is affected and causing this pain. There is a broader term, TMD, which is the group of disorders surrounding the same joint. The issues can be unique to the joint, but can also be affecting the surrounding muscles. Finding relief is of utmost importance, as this part of your jaw is one of those things that you don’t realize can have such a large effect on you until it is out of order.
There are a few different things that can cause TMJ, so take a look and see if any of these ring a bell if you are hesitant to make an appointment. Stress, unfortunately, can take a large toll on many parts of your physical body. This is definitely included as one of the causes of TMJ. Another longer term cause can be teeth grinding, which eventually shows its wear and tear in the form of TMJ to some people. There are also diseases, such as arthritis, that affect multiple joints and muscles. If the TMJ muscle is being hit by this broader condition, it is a great idea to see a dentist in addition to other treatment to make sure you are receiving the best specified care. A few other acute causes could be an injury to the head, even from something like a car crash, or impact and injury to the jaw.

If any of these have been a part of your life, it is worth it to check in to see if the symptoms lineup. Talking and eating – more or less the active movement of your jaw – will be a clear sign, but there are others as well. There could be sounds of clicking with your jaw, so pay attention to that as you open and close your mouth. Headaches, stiffness, and dizziness are all results as well.

What is the experience like at Dr. Galliano’s office?

Often, opening your mouth to speak or eat is the most painful part of dealing with TMJ. Once you are diagnosed after an examination, solutions can be talked about to get your pain relieved. As a chronic disease, it is often around for a long time before treatment is given. The buildup of the pain may be something that you have come to live with you in your life, but relief is possible and Dr. Galliano’s team has the expertise to help you. The Pankey Institute is where Dr. Galliano was trained, and the prestige that the institute holds tells you a lot about the expertise Dr. Galliano brings to every patient. The innovative techniques that he specialized in there have remained as the prime line of work in his practice.

The team at Galliano Family Dentistry makes sure that your comfort and great results are the number one priority. The welcoming atmosphere will put you at ease and your plan for reducing pain can be started immediately. Reach out today.