Galliano Dentistry is the Best in the City for Baton Rouge Tooth Extraction

April 17th, 2017

A lot of people are intimidated about visiting the dentist, but you have nothing to fear when you place your trust in Dr. Carol Galliano. Dr. Galliano has been practicing dentistry for thirty three years, twenty six of them servicing the Baton Rouge area. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Dr. Galliano is skilled in all field of dentistry, including all types of tooth extraction.

Extractions as a Last Resort

Tooth extractions are always the last option for a problem unit. Before a tooth extraction takes place a root canal is performed to try and save the tooth. A root canal is needed when a cavity becomes very large and bacteria infect the root of the tooth. If not performed this infection can infiltrate the blood stream which is very dangerous for the patient. Dr. Galliano ensures that all root canal procedures are painless, and always recommends this service before extraction is necessary.

Extraction is definitely a way to remove a problem tooth, but numerous extraction processes can lead to worsening oral health. Pulling a tooth without resorting to other options first can lead to a development of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain. Extracting multiple teeth can lead to difficulty chewing and can affect the structure of adjacent teeth. Dr. Galliano offers immediate implant placement after an extraction so patients can enjoy the structure and comfort of a fully functioning mouth.

Painless Procedures

Many immediately associate having a tooth extracted with immense pain. Dr. Galliano assures you that with his skill this won’t be the case. Using the precision of a steady hand and several sedation options, Dr. Galliano will be done with the extraction before you know it. Relaxing medications and Nitrous Oxide are available to nervous patients.

Proof in the Pictures

Dr. Galliano is so proud of his work that he posts a Smile Gallery on his dental website so you can see just how happy he makes his patients. The gallery displays before and after pictures of Dr. Galliano’s current patients and how happy his handiwork has made them. Call for a consultation today and if you enroll as a new patient you will receive thirty dollars off of your first oral exam, x-rays, and cleaning. And if you feel you need Baton Rouge tooth extraction, the Galliano family will take great care of you.