Get Your Dental Implants from Galliano Dentistry in Baton Rouge!

March 16th, 2017

First impressions can last a long time, and when you’re meeting someone you may want to impress such as a new boss or significant other, looking and feeling your finest the first time is very important. Based on how good or bad your first impression is, you may see that person often or not at all. Smiling is always a good way to start off a pleasant meeting. Smiling is both a natural as well as a positive sign that you are approachable and friendly. So if you happen to be self conscious about your smile, or simply want to improve the appearance or your smile, you may want to go to the dentist. Thankfully there’s Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge, and they have a plethora of services that are sure to get you smiling bright and proud. And just like modern trends, technology has become more available and advanced for people who want to change themselves. Instead of having to get painful braces or retainers (both things that cost a lot of time as well as money), you can easily get dental implants that will dramatically improve your smile in no time! Whether you’re looking to fix a large chip or a small imperfection, dental implants in Baton Rouge from Galliano Dentistry can help you out and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Let your first impressions shine just as bright as your new smile when you choose dental implants in Baton Rouge!! Let’s take a closer look at how these dental implants work as well as how they can help your looks!

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Just like any kind of procedure, being educated in how it works and what it can provide for you is important for you to understand. Most people know how braces and retainers work, but not many people know how dental implants work. Firstly, dental implants from Galliano Dentistry can provide the final result you want in a much quicker fashion than having metal in your mouth for years and years. Dental implants can also help you with flaws that correctional dentistry like braces cannot, such as missing pieces of a tooth or dramatic chips in a tooth. You’ll start out with a simple consultation with one of Dr. Galliano’s friendly and reliable dental assistants, or even Galliano himself! Together, you will go through your options with dental implants and how your healing process will go. The way this procedure usually works is by completely replacing the whole tooth, even the roots, with dental implants. With these dental implants, the base of your teeth/tooth will be strong like a natural tooth, but without any imperfections. You can also replace more than just one tooth when you get dental implants, making it easier and faster to get the smile you seek. With this procedure, you can avoid the need for bridgework such as a false tooth on a retainer, and unlike dentures, you never have to worry about these reliable implants falling out. Dental implants tend to last a long time and will definitely have a positive, lasting impact on the way your mouth looks as well as functions. If you are still unsure about whether or not you want/need dental implants from Galliano Dentistry in Baton Rouge, simply make a call and schedule a consultation with one of our lovely sales staff!

Dental Implants in Baton Rouge

Being self conscious about your smile can be a detriment to meeting new people. Thankfully fixing the look of your teeth isn’t a problem when you choose to get dental implants from Galliano Dentistry in Baton Rouge! Simply set up a consultation and you can get started on the smile you’ve always wanted much sooner than you thought possible! With a whopping 33 years of successful experience in the dentistry industry, Dr. Galliano makes sure to only offer the best for his clients, whether they need braces, corrections, or any other wide variety of dental services. Call or click today.