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February 10th, 2017

As we age, a lot of changes tend to happen to our bodies. Sometimes it’s very simple, cosmetic changes such as more wrinkles or duller skin. However, some changes can cause a lot of damage to us, like skin cancer or asthma. One of the more common issues that can occur as we age is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects thousands of people, and can become a serious threat if not consulted and treated. That’s where Galliano Family Dentistry comes in. With their team of professional dentists and dental assistants, Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge can give you relief from problems like sleep apnea. Let’s take a closer look at what sleep apnea is, how it can affect you, and how Galliano Family Dentistry can help you.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Most people confuse sleep apnea with really strong snoring. That’s because, a lot like snoring, sleep apnea is a disorder that can affect how you breathe while you sleep. With sleep apnea, your breathing repeatedly stops and starts, and can either be an inconvenience or become worse and become a potentially dangerous issue. There are two main types of sleep apnea, which can help you in diagnosing yourself as well as deciding if you need treatment.
The first is Obstructive sleep apnea. This type of sleep apnea is more common and a lot less dangerous. It usually occurs when the throat muscles relax while you sleep, narrowing the passageway of air and therefore lowering the amount of breath you can take in while unconscious. Because of the lower amount of oxygen in your body, the brain will wake you up in order to reopen that passageway, causing you to make choking, snorting, or gasping sounds. This can happen from 5 to 30 times an hour, and as you can expect, can be very strenuous on your sleep schedule. Other factors can affect obstructive sleep apnea like weather conditions or the humidity in the air for us southern states.
The second type of sleep apnea is Central sleep apnea and can be a lot more serious. Central sleep apnea happens when your brain temporarily stops telling your breathing muscles to work, causing you to stop breathing for certain periods of time, which can be very dangerous if not treated by a sleep professional or consulted with by a doctor or dentist.

How Galliano Family Dentistry Can Help

Sleep apnea can cause a long list of negative side effects, like fatigue, headache, memory loss, and even anger or depression. That’s why it’s important to get yourself diagnosed as soon as possible as well as get treatment. Thankfully Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge can help you with your sleep apnea via their oral appliances meant to keep your airway more open for obstructive sleep apnea. The most common types of oral appliances for sleep apnea offered from Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge is a snore guard. This kind of appliance looks a lot like a mouth guard, and works by forcing the lower jaw down and slightly forward, keeping the airway more open. There are also a plethora of other options when it comes to sleep apnea, such as sinus medication or even surgery. It’s important to discuss with your doctor about what your options are when it comes to your sleep apnea. Galliano Family Dentistry will be here for you in Baton Rouge once you’ve been diagnosed.

Get Quality Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Baton Rouge

When it comes to your oral health, you always want to go with the professionals. At Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge, you are sure to find them. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic change in your smile, or if you’re looking for an oral appliance to help you with your sleep apnea, you can trust this dental clinic to get you what you need with a professional and friendly staff. So when you feel the need to get your oral health in check, take a stop by Galliano Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge today!