Quick and Easy Root Canals in Baton Rouge With Galliano Family Dentistry

March 31st, 2017

A smile is the first thing that someone sees when meeting a new person. It’s important to have a smile that one feels confident in because it can transform someone’s life. However, going to see the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for many. It’s important to see a dentistry team that is accommodating as well as highly skilled and trained. For those in the Baton Rouge area, Galliano Family Dentistry is the perfect option for those that need any sort of dental work done. Galliano Family Dentistry performs a wide variety of dental procedures including but not limited to; general dentistry, bonding, whitening, and root canals in Baton Rouge.

Root Canals in Baton Rouge and More

Generally, a root canal can be a very uncomfortable procedure. However, root canals in Baton Rouge are a breeze because of the expert team at Galliano Family Dentistry. Dr. Galliano has been practicing and fine-tuning his craft for 33 years. Dr. Galliano wishes to treat each and every patient as well as possible so they can feel comfortable during their experience. Furthermore, Dr. Galliano is incredibly qualified. Dr. Galliano earned his degree from Louisiana State University and also earned his fellowship and master’s certifications from The Academy of General Dentistry. In gaining his master’s, Dr. Galliano completed 1,100 hours of continuing dental education in 16 disciplines of dentistry. This included over 400 hours of hands-on skills and techniques. An aspect that separates Dr. Galliano from the rest is how wide his skills range. Many dentists specialize in either cosmetic or practical dentistry, but Dr. Galliano can perform all sorts of dental procedures of both natures.

General Dentistry Procedures

Dr. Galliano performs many dental procedures on his patients. Upon the first visit to Dr. Galliano, a comprehensive clinical exam is performed. Afterwards, routine exams allow visitors to continually check up on the health of their teeth. When performing X-rays, Galliano Family Dentistry utilizes the new digital X-ray technology. The new technology has 90 percent less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine. To put this into perspective, if someone drives from Baton Rouge to Orleans they are exposed to more radiation than they are from a digital X-ray machine. Root canals are generally a very painful procedure, but the root canal therapy offered by Dr. Galliano makes this much easier. If there is an infection, antibiotics are used so the infection calms down before the root canal is performed. For people that have “gummy smiles,” a gum lift can easily fix that. For people that are missing teeth, a bridge is an ideal solution. While all dentists offer bridges, most don’t offer the same quality of material as Dr. Galliano. A bridge lasts much longer if the quality of material used is better. Galliano Family Dentistry cuts no corners and uses only the top bride materials available. Contact Galliano Family Dentistry today to begin the process of achieving the healthiest mouth possible.