Symptoms and Causes of Tooth Decay

August 19th, 2019

Experiencing tooth decay is not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, the team at Galliano Family Dentistry has vast expertise in helping people fix these problems. There are various causes of tooth decay that might be the reason for you having the symptoms you do. The experienced dentists at Galliano Family Dentistry are prepared to help you get back on track wherever your dental health is.

Causes of Tooth Decayed Explained

There are many different things that can cause one of your teeth to decay. This eventually causes a cavity, then can lead to additional issues. The demineralization of your tooth means that the material covering your tooth has been eaten away, leading to a cavity. This happens often due to foods or sugary drinks getting stuck in your teeth. While daily brushing and flossing is a simple way to prevent this, sometimes life gets in the way or there are other factors. Even if you have a strict regimen of flossing and brushing, you may have tooth decay caused by any of the following: plaque formation, a dry mouth, eating and drinking, bacteria and acid, and various other medical problems.

Tooth Decay pain

Symptoms and Signs That you May Have a Decaying Tooth

It is recommended to visit your dentist as soon as you see any symptoms of potential tooth decay. Galliano Family Dentistry is accepting new patients and would be happy to evaluate the condition of your teeth and see what work needs to be done. Pain is one of the main signs of a decaying tooth. Pressure, especially when you bite down, is another sign. Pits often show the wearing away of a tooth. While these can sometimes be seen by the eye, most of the time an x-ray is needed to confirm them.

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