Tooth Extractions at Galliano Family Dentistry

July 24th, 2019

While an adult’s permanent teeth are not meant to be lost or removed, there are a handful of reasons why a tooth extraction might be what you need. The doctors at Galliano Family Dentistry have extensive experience with the procedure. Your experience will not only be high quality and done with the utmost care, but will also be pain free.

What are Reasons for Needing a Tooth Extraction?

The main reason an adult would need a tooth extracted is because it has either be too badly damaged or is decayed to a degree that it cannot be repaired with other measures. You could have an orthodontist recommend a tooth extraction if you are trying to align your teeth and there is not room for all of them. Infection could also be a reason to extract a tooth. If antibiotics and a root canal do not fix an infection that has already made it to the pulp of a tooth, then extraction can be used to stop the spread of the infection.

The Tooth Extraction Experience Explained

The two most important things about having a tooth extracted with the Galliano Family Dentistry team is that they have vast experience that ensures they perform the highest standard of the procedure and that it will be a pain free procedure. Additionally, once the tooth has been removed, an implant can be scheduled for placement. This means that you will never lose the important functions of your teeth such as chewing, speaking, and other everyday life functions.

At Galliano Family Dentistry, you will be taken care of from the moment you step into the office. People from all over the Baton Rouge area have been coming for years because they have so much trust in the Galliano team. Reach out today to plan your appointment.