If You Need a Tooth Crown in Baton Rouge, Galliano Dentistry is Your Answer

May 12th, 2017

Why Choose Galliano Dentistry?

Finding the perfect dentist can be a daunting task. Receiving dental work can be intimidating and many people consider visiting the dentist a negative experience. With Galliano Dentistry this is simply not the case. Dr. Carol Galliano has been practicing dentistry for thirty three years and has been serving the Baton Rouge area for twenty six. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and received his masters from the Academy of General Dentistry. Going above and beyond, Dr. Galliano graduated from the L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Study.

When Do I Need a Crown?

A crown is a type of molding created to cover or cap a damaged tooth. Crowns are used to protect the weakened tooth but also provide a proper aesthetic look while providing normal chewing function. The crown is molded to fit your current tooth and is even matched to your tooth color. Your dentist may recommend a crown in the case of protecting a weak tooth from fracturing, restoring a fractured tooth, covering a dental implant, or covering a tooth that has recently had a root canal.

Different materials are used in making a crown. Your dentist will make the decision based on the severity of the tooth damage and the location in the mouth of the weakened tooth. Materials include gold and metal alloys, porcelain, acrylic, and ceramic. The team at Galliano Dentistry uses the strongest and highest quality materials available. The reason for this is with a higher grade material, the crown will last much longer without needing replacement.

The Choice is Clear

Getting a crown is a serious matter which can affect long term oral health and comfort. You wouldn’t want to risk the procedure with a dentist using cheaper materials or practices. For a tooth crown in Baton Rouge Galliano Dentistry should be your ultimate destination. Everybody knows going to the dentist can be a little scary, and Galliano Dentistry has all the tools to make you feel at ease. They have several options for nervous patients such as certain medications and nitrous oxide. Even so, the patients at Galliano Dentistry rarely need anything as their team strives to provide a truly painless experience. As a new patient you will receive thirty dollars off your first oral exam, and after meeting Dr. Galliano there is no doubt you will trust him if you need a tooth crown in Baton Rouge.