Schedule A Baton Rouge Tooth Extraction at Galliano Family Dentistry

March 15th, 2016

At some point in our lives, just about everyone will have a tooth extraction. Even with good oral hygiene habits, and regular dental check-ups and cleanings, it is still possible to need a tooth pulled. When you are searching for a dentist to perform your Baton Rouge tooth extraction, choose the experienced and trusted team at Galliano Family Dentistry. Dr. Carol Galliano and his dental practitioners understand that having a tooth extraction can be nerve-racking, so they work hard to make sure that your visit is the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible.

Common Reasons for Having a Tooth Extraction

While your adult teeth are meant to be permanent; there are a variety of reasons that you may need to have a Baton Rouge tooth extraction. Most often, the causes for having a tooth pulled are damage or decay that has progressed too far to allow for a filing or other procedure that would save the tooth. In particular, once decay has reached the pulp of the tooth it is prone to infection. A root canal or a course of antibiotics is usually the first line of treatment when this occurs. However, if these measures do not prove successful, your dentist will likely need to perform a tooth extraction to prevent the infection from worsening. A tooth extraction may also be necessary if you have gum disease, which is an infection in the tissue and bones that surround your teeth. This can weaken the supportive capacity of the gums to keep the teeth in place. When they become too loose, your dentist may need to pull the tooth. Another reason for tooth extraction is teeth crowding. If you have a crowded mouth, your dentist may want to extract a tooth to make room for new teeth that are not able to break through or to prepare your mouth for corrective braces.

What to Expect at Your Baton Rouge Tooth Extraction

At Galliano Family Dentistry, our patients’ comfort is our first priority. That is why we have created a calming, spa-like office atmosphere. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to doing everything in their power to make your Baton Rouge tooth extraction stress-free. In addition, for patients who may feel a little more anxious about the procedure, Dr. Galliano also offers sedation dentistry. A tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure and is completed quickly. Extracting an impacted tooth is a little more challenging and involves cutting away the surrounding gum and bone tissue or removing the tooth in smaller pieces. With the latest dental services and state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Carol Galliano believes in providing the highest quality dental care. Having practiced dentistry for decades, Dr. Galliano is a top choice for your Baton Rouge tooth extraction. You can schedule an appointment for a consultation today at 225-296-0212.

Tips for Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After your Baton Rouge tooth extraction, Dr. Galliano will send you home with specific instructions for taking care of your mouth, as well as eating and drinking. It generally takes just a few days to recover. It’s important to follow the aftercare guidelines to help promote speedy healing of the area where your tooth was pulled. Applying an ice pack to the area can also help reduce pain and swelling. Take all medicines as prescribed by the dentist and remember to take it easy after your tooth extraction. Rest as much as possible and try to limit exerting yourself for at least a day or two following the procedure.