Beth Freedman, CHC

March 15th, 2016

“My family and I have been patients/clients of Dr. Carol Galliano for about 20 years. I personally suffer from TMJ disorder diagnosed almost 30 yrs ago before I met Dr. Galliano. Through the years of bi-annual checkups and cleanings, Dr. Galliano and his staff have been very attentive to my jaw issues and have minimized the pain and distress I would normally encounter when having dental work done. In fact recently, after 10 years of procrastination to replace 2 crowns, I reluctantly agreed to have the work done. This meant spending several hours in a dental chair with my mouth/jaw open (usually very painful) . This was something I dreaded. But to my great surprise and satisfaction, the work was completed and my jaw is now in better shape than ever because of the customized and experienced care I received at Dr. Galliano’s office.

I lived in Baton Rouge for 30 years and relocated to Hammond about 4-1/2 years ago. After our move, I contemplated changing to a dentist in Hammond but decided that was not in my best interest due to the wonderful care I receive with Dr. Galliano and his staff. We gladly continued to travel to Baton Rouge for our dental health.”