What is Zoom Whitening?

May 28th, 2019

Your smile is an important part of your social life. The team at Galliano Family Dentistry knows this and is happy to offer Zoom Whitening to help give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

What is Zoom Whitening and How does it work?

Zoom! Whitening is a bleaching technique that will lighten your teeth up to two shades in as little as an hour. Such a quick turnaround time takes away so much of the uncertainty that you see in many of these other whitening applications. There are many options available, and it can be hard to know which whitening process will actually work. With Zoom! Whitening, you’ll be able to see clear, professional results in much less time than products that require at-home applications. You can feel confident that you’re making the smartest, safest decision by having your dentist be in charge of your whitening process. At Galliano Family Dentistry, not only can you trust the trained and experienced staff to give you a whiter smile, but you also won’t need to doubt whether it will work as you are walking out of the door.
teeth whitening with Galliano
Zoom! Whitening is a comfortable, immediate and deep-cleaning procedure. The process isn’t overly intimate, and you shouldn’t feel any pain while it happens. There is a plasma arc light used – a laser – after peroxide is put on your teeth. One the peroxide is activated, the stains are oxidized. This light and gel technique makes smiles much brighter than the store-bought or over-the-counter options. Through the experience using the new LED light with Zoom! Whitening, 70% of patients say that there is reduced sensitivity. The dentists at Galliano Family Dentistry have multiple techniques that they can use to avoid sensitivity if that is something your teeth are prone to or you have concerns about. In addition to walking away with immediately whiter teeth, you will receive an evaluation from your dentist while you are in for Zoom! Whitening. Having these evaluations regularly is the top way to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. Additionally, the whitening system that you receive will be unique for you, so at the first evaluation your dentist will be able to see the level of staining and what the ideal route for getting a whiter smile is.

What should you expect while getting Zoom Whitening done at Galliano Dentistry?

The number one priority for the entire team at Galliano Dentistry is to keep you comfortable. This starts the second you walk into the office, where a warm waiting room greets you. Everyone’s professionalism is clear as soon as you walk into our office. No matter what stage of the process you are in, anyone will be ready and happy to answer any questions you have or go into more detail about concerns. This is one of the main reasons that most of the patients at Galliano dentistry return for regular dental check-ups or have been recommended by a friend. Once you experience the quality of service that Galliano Dentistry offers, it will be clear that you don’t ever need to go anywhere else. Contact us today!