How to Protect Your Teeth During the Holidays

December 23rd, 2020

Keeping your dental health routine intact can be a challenge, but leaving your routine at the door during the holiday season can lead to serious implications. When delighting in the yuletide celebrations this year, steering clear of overindulgence doesn’t just mean keeping a slimmer waist. Limiting your sugar intake can ensure you and your pearly whites won’t have to pay for it later. Here are a few tips for keeping your smile bright during the holiday season:

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  • Snack Smart
    • While it’s not always easy to say no to grandma’s lemon meringue pie, this year, opting for fruit salad or a veggie tray could mean one less visit to the dentist’s office. Come prepared with your own alternative to those irresistible sweet treats that your loved ones will rave about. Cheese and crackers or sugar-free desserts can be just as delicious and gentle to your enamel.
  • Pack the Essentials
    • Don’t let your holiday dinner lead to uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing eye-sores. Pack dental floss, a travel tube of toothpaste, and an extra toothbrush to get rid of any unwanted residue that could leave your gums vulnerable to plaque build-up and decay.
  • Pass on Chewy Sweet Treats
    • While sweet treats are one thing, getting your hands on a chewy candy could send your mismanaged cavities into a frenzy. Sticky substances cling to tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay. Taffies or caramels can be specifically problematic for new or old fillings. If you are going to indulge, be sure to enjoy every bit, allowing the candy to melt rather than risking your pearly whites by chewing.
  • Leave the NutCracker on the Mantle
    • Although it’s true that protein found in nuts keeps your muscles and bones strong, testing the strength of your teeth can result in serious foundational damage. Don’t use your teeth as a nutcracker and use the bottle opener as it was intended. Cracking a tooth is not worth the cost of getting to that nutty treat during the holidays.
  • Keep Your Mittens On
    • Use the holiday weather to your advantage this year by protecting both your nail bed and your teeth! Chomping on your nails is an all too anxious bad habit that is linked to teeth grinding, clenching, jaw problems, and sensitive teeth. Wearing mittens or gloves can help keep you distracted from the desire to perform your own quality control on your hands.

Take these five tips from our family here at Galiano Dentistry as a gift this holiday season. No matter how much we love to see our patients, no amount of sweets is worth a visit to the dentist’s office on Christmas day. Be proactive during the holidays so you don’t have to worry about anything but spending time with your family!

Looking ahead to your next dental visit? Start the year off right by scheduling your 2021 appointment now! It’s never too late to prioritize your dental health. Visit Galiano Dentistry today or call us for more information!